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Five Easy Pieces Star Karen Black Dead at 74

Actress co-starred with Jack Nicholson, Dennis Hopper, and Peter Fonda

(Newser) - Karen Black, the prolific actress who appeared in more than 100 movies and was featured in such counterculture favorites as Easy Rider, Five Easy Pieces, and Nashville, died yesterday from complications from cancer. She was 74. Known for her full lips and thick, wavy hair that seemed to change color...

16 Celeb Marriages That Lasted Less Than a Year

Kim and Kris were married an age, compared to some of these

(Newser) - Even by Hollywood standards, these marriages rounded up by the Huffington Post were spectacularly short-lived. Lasting anywhere from 55 hours to 10 months, all 16 of the unions were up before a year was out. Check out a sampling in the gallery, or click for the complete list .

5 Bizarre Things Celebs Tussled Over in Divorce

Would you want Charlie Sheen's sperm?

(Newser) - Fighting over money and property is par for the course in a celebrity divorce. But these five couples, compiled by the Huffington Post , took things a step further:
  • Stephanie Seymour and Peter Brant: The nude bust they fought over was in Seymour's image, but it was commissioned by Brant.

Dennis Hopper's Wife Yanks Art From Auction

Battle rages over late actor's estate

(Newser) - Dennis Hopper's estranged wife has yanked a portion of his art collection from an auction. The artwork is at the center of a heated battle over the late actor's estate. Hopper began divorce proceedings against his fifth wife,Victoria Duffy, and obtained a restraining order against her as he lay...

Hopper Estate Sues Widow Over Stolen Art

Victoria Duffy accused of raiding Hopper's home in his dying days

(Newser) - Dennis Hopper is gone but the bitter battle between him and his widow lives on. The late actor's estate is suing Victoria Duffy for allegedly stealing valuable works of art and other property from Hopper in the final months of his life, according to court papers obtained by Radar . Hopper...

Inside Hopper's Last Interview
 Inside Hopper's Last Interview 

Inside Hopper's Last Interview

He talks divorce, career, why he voted for Bush

(Newser) - Dennis Hopper reflects on his career, and his sometimes turbulent life, in what ended up being his last interview. “I’ve been in such incredible movies,” he tells Vanity Fair . While he names Blue Velvet as his greatest acting achievement, he says Easy Rider is the high point...

Hopper’s Daughter 'Disinvited' to Funeral

Both sides fight over who to blame for sad story

(Newser) - Jack Nicholson and Val Kilmer may have attended Dennis Hopper’s funeral —but Hopper’s own daughter, 7-year-old Galen, was “disinvited.” At least, that's what a friend of Galen’s mother—and Hopper’s estranged wife—Victoria Duffy says. A source on Hopper’s side, of course,...

Nicholson Mourns 'Soulmate' Hopper
 Nicholson Mourns 
 'Soulmate' Hopper 
memorial service

Nicholson Mourns 'Soulmate' Hopper

Friends, family, and locals attend memorial Mass

(Newser) - Mourners including Jack Nicholson and Val Kilmer remembered Dennis Hopper yesterday at his memorial Mass. The actor was laid to rest in New Mexico, where he first went in 1969 while scouting locations for Easy Rider and lived for 12 years. Nicholson, who acted alongside Hopper in Easy Rider, called...

Battle Looms Over Dennis Hopper Estate
 Battle Looms Over 
 Dennis Hopper Estate 

Battle Looms Over Dennis Hopper Estate

Soon-to-be ex gets 25% and life insurance if married, living together

(Newser) - For most, Dennis Hopper may have gone too soon, but perhaps not for his soon-to-be-ex wife: Though he filed for divorce in January, the tempestuous pair were still legally married when Hopper died yesterday morning, TMZ reports, potentially setting up an epic battle in probate court. The pair's prenup gives...

We'll Miss You, Dennis Hopper
 We'll Miss You, 
 Dennis Hopper 
early tributes

We'll Miss You, Dennis Hopper

Critics return again and again to 'Easy Rider'

(Newser) - A sampling of lines from the obituaries of Dennis Hopper, who died today at age 74.
  • Susan Wloszczyna, USA Today : "As buckskin-draped Billy and star-spangled Wyatt, he and Peter Fonda became hippie-era icons as stoner cowboys in search of America atop heavy-metal steeds in 1969's Easy Rider."
  • Kiran

Dennis Hopper Dead at 74
 Dennis Hopper Dead at 74 

Dennis Hopper Dead at 74

He'd been suffering from prostate cancer

(Newser) - Dennis Hopper has died from complications of prostate cancer, a friend tells Reuters . The 74-year-old, who made his name by starring in and directing the 1969 cult hit Easy Rider, died this morning at his home in Venice, California. Other memorable roles included those in Rebel Without a Cause, Blue ...

10 Craziest Hopper Divorce Allegations

A rundown of the ugliness between Dennis Hopper, Victoria Duffy

(Newser) - The allegations in the Dennis Hopper-Victoria Duffy divorce reached new heights of outrageous when Hopper’s adult daughter and assistant accused Duffy of trying to kill him. As both sides prepare for a custody hearing today, ABC News runs down the 10 craziest accusations thus far:
  1. Verbal abuse: Duffy accused

Frail, Ailing Dennis Hopper Gets Star on Walk of Fame

Battling cancer, actor appears frail but happy

(Newser) - Dennis Hopper received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame today, appearing weak from his battle with terminal prostate cancer but pleased with the honor. "I just want to thank you," said Hopper, 73. "That's all I can do." The Easy Rider and Blue Velvet ...

Hopper Wife to Stay 10 Feet Away

Actor upbeat about new cancer treatments

(Newser) - Dennis Hopper's wife has agreed to stay at least 10 feet away from her husband as the two bicker over their divorce. The agreement followed Hopper's request for an emergency restraining order, charging his wife of 14 years with "outrageous conduct." The two are fighting over child custody...

Dennis Hopper's Daughter Behind Divorce

Marin Hopper wants to cut stepmom Victoria Duffy, half-sis out of will

(Newser) - Dennis Hopper’s daughter is the force behind his divorce proceedings, shuttling her heavily medicated father to lawyers in an effort to cut wife Victoria Duffy out of the will. “The poor guy has no idea what is going on,” a source tells the Huffington Post . Hopper’s...

Dying Dennis Hopper Files for Last-Minute Divorce

Ailing actor's aim said to be to cut 5th wife out of will

(Newser) - Dennis Hopper, who's said to be in the "final days" of his losing battle with prostate cancer, has filed for divorce from his wife of 14 years, Victoria Duffy. The 73-year-old star of 1960s cult classic Easy Rider cites 'irreconcilable differences' with Duffy and seeks joint custody of their...

Hopper Has Prostate Cancer
 Hopper Has 
 Prostate Cancer 

Hopper Has Prostate Cancer

Actor, 73, cancels travel plans to focus on treatment

(Newser) - Dennis Hopper has been given a diagnosis of prostate cancer and is canceling all travel plans to focus on treatment. Manager Sam Maydew says the 73-year-old actor and artist is being treated through a "special program" at the University of Southern California. Asked about Hopper's prognosis, Maydew said, "...

Dennis Hopper Rushed to Hospital

Actor suffers flu-like symptoms

(Newser) - Dennis Hopper was rushed to a hospital in New York yesterday after complaining of flu-like symptoms.The Easy Rider and Blue Velvet star was brought to an emergency room hooked up to numerous tubes and breathing through an oxygen mask, sources tell Entertainment Tonight. There were no immediate details on...

Comedy Legend Skewers Left in Slapstick Carol

Naked Gun director lampoons Michael Moore in new flick

(Newser) - They're calling it  “a spoof of A Christmas Carol and contemporary American culture,” from the director that brought you Naked Gun and Airplane! But what the press release doesn't say is that the director is David Zucker, a self-proclaimed “9/11 Republican,” and that American Carol is...

Fonda to Sell 'Easy Rider' Loot
Fonda to Sell 'Easy Rider' Loot

Fonda to Sell 'Easy Rider' Loot

Items from iconic Western up for grabs

(Newser) - Peter Fonda is auctioning off a stash of memorabilia from Easy Rider that he's held onto since the movie's 1969 release. The producer, co-writer, and co-star of the trailblazing film "decided it was time to share some of his treasures." The crown jewel is the American flag from...

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