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Tourism Agency Sorry for Sexualizing City Name

Effort to embrace jokes about Regina, Saskatchewan, went awry

(Newser) - Regina, capital of the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, knows all about the jokes on how the pronunciation of the city's name rhymes with "vagina." The Washington Post reports that a recent effort by a tourism organization to embrace the gag went awry, leading to accusations the campaign...

This State Wants Roasted Chiles to Be Its Official Aroma

New Mexico would be first state to have an affiliated scent

(Newser) - Every fall, the air in New Mexico is infused with the sweet, smoky scent of roasted chile peppers, a tradition that follows chile harvesting season. Now, a bunch of fifth-graders have spearheaded a campaign to deem that salivation-inducing bouquet as the scent of the Land of Enchantment, making it the...

Only One US City Makes Top 10 Travel Destinations

New York squeaks in at No. 10 on Euromonitor International's list; Paris comes in at No. 1

(Newser) - Recovery from the pandemic for the travel industry is a work in progress, but inbound arrivals around the world increased by more than 80% this year in terms of numbers of trips, CNN notes. That means people are breaking out their passports again, and some cities are drawing travelers in...

Here Are the Most Overrated Tourist Spots in the US

Plus, 10 underrated gems, courtesy of

(Newser) - Looking to book your next getaway and take in the sights? If you've ever been disappointed during past visits to American tourist magnets, you might want to check out's list . The site analyzed upward of 17,000 Tripadvisor reviews for destinations in all 50 states, searching...

Footage Offers 'Unprecedented' Look at Titanic

First 8K video of shipwreck emerges; meanwhile, tourists are heading down to see it for $250K a pop

(Newser) - An underwater tourism company has emerged with new footage of the wreckage of the RMS Titanic, and it's jaw-dropping in its clarity—the highest-quality recording of the ship since it sank during its 1912 maiden voyage. The haunting one-minute clip released to the public by OceanGate Expeditions, which has...

Mayor of Italian Resort Town Has Had It With Bikinis
Mayor of Resort Town
Will Fine Bikini-Wearers
in case you missed it

Mayor of Resort Town Will Fine Bikini-Wearers

At least, if they're walking around in Sorrento, Italy

(Newser) - Tourists flock to the resort town of Sorrento, Italy, on the southwestern coast for its picturesque views. The mayor, however, is insisting that they cover up when they do so, reports Travel Weekly . Massimo Coppola has decreed that anyone walking around town in a bikini or without a shirt faces...

Arizona Town's Residents Told to Stop Yelling at Tourists

Notes on cars are also a no-no, police in Jerome say

(Newser) - Police in a old Arizona mining town that gets 1 million tourists annually are warning residents to stop yelling at visitors or they could face harassment charges. Jerome, population about 450, was once home to one of Arizona's largest copper mines and is now a hub for artists, the...

Japan Cautiously Opens Its Doors Again

For now, only guided package tours will be allowed for foreign tourists

(Newser) - Japan on Friday eased its borders for foreign tourists and began accepting visa applications, but only for those on guided package tours who are willing to follow mask-wearing and other anti-COVID measures as the country cautiously tries to balance business and infection worries. Friday is the first day to start...

Egypt's New Find Includes Well-Preserved Mummies

Recently unearthed antiquities date to 500 BC

(Newser) - Egypt on Monday displayed a trove of ancient artifacts dating back 2,500 years that the country's antiquities authorities said were recently unearthed at the famed necropolis of Saqqara near Cairo. The artifacts were showcased at a makeshift exhibit at the feet of the Step Pyramid of Djoser in...

You Can Now Get Paid to Get Married in Italy

New initiative will refund couples $2,250 for Lazio-based wedding services in 2022

(Newser) - The coronavirus pandemic has put a real damper on the wedding and tourism industries. But Italy is fighting back with a new $11 million initiative that aims to boost both industries while possibly funding your wedding. Any couple—Italian or foreign—who opt to marry or begin a civil union...

Shuttered in March 2020, Fiji Celebrates a 'Momentous Day'

Fiji is once again open to tourists, for first time in nearly 2 years

(Newser) - Since March 2020, the island nation of Fiji has had its doors shuttered to tourists, in an attempt to keep COVID from overwhelming the limited medical services available to its 1 million residents. On Wednesday, nearly two years after the tourism-dependent country's shutdown, locals once again started to welcome...

Wiped From Facebook, Vienna's Nude Art Moves to OnlyFans

City's tourism board speaks out on social media censorship

(Newser) - Have you checked out the Vienna tourism board's hot new account on adults-only OnlyFans? It's full of nudity, though of the century-old artistic kind. As the Guardian reports, Vienna museums have come up against bans and other forms of censure after sharing nude artworks on more traditional social...

Canadian Luxury Train Launches New US Route

Rocky Mountaineer now travels from Denver to Moab

(Newser) - A new train service has arrived in the West but it's definitely not one for ordinary commuters—one-way tickets on the Rocky Mountaineer are $1,250 per person in SilverLeaf class and $1,645 in SilverLeaf Plus. The luxury service from the renowned Canadian company made its maiden voyage...

France to Open for Tourists, With a Few Rules

Americans will find it easier to travel, though not everywhere in Europe

(Newser) - France is ready to welcome back foreign tourists, the government announced Friday, provided they follow a few color-coded rules. Vaccinated visitors from Europe can arrive starting Wednesday, France 24 reports. So can travelers from the the orange-rated US and much of the rest of the world, who won't have...

Airline: We'll Tell You Where You're Going, Just Before You Land

Qantas resumes 'mystery flights' for Australian passengers

(Newser) - Australia's flag carrier has just the thing for people desperate to get away, so long as they don't care where they're going. In the hope of boosting the beleaguered tourism industry amid international travel restrictions, Qantas is asking Australian passengers to hop aboard one of three "...

New Zealand Has Had It With Your Instagram Shots

New tourism ad urges 'something new'

(Newser) - First, New Zealand wanted to get on the map . Now, it's annoyed that travelers have flocked to its lookouts and lavender fields to post the same photos everyone else is sharing on social media. "People have been seeing those photos on social media, and they're going to...

Mexico's Tourism Agency Is Not Having a Good Week

First came the travel warning from the US, then came the bizarre website errors

(Newser) - It's been a bad week for Mexican tourism promotion, and it got worse Friday when the English-language version of the country’s tourism website appeared with hilarious mis-translations, per the AP . The Caribbean resort of Tulum somehow became “Jumpsuit" on The central Mexican town of Aculco...

Island Bans Commercial Flights to and From US

Bahamas puts most Americans on the not-welcome list for the near future

(Newser) - Three weeks after reopening its borders, the Bahamas is shutting them again—at least to most US travelers. Effective Wednesday, all commercial flights to the country will be halted except for those departing Canada, the UK, and the European Union, reports CNBC . Private international flights, pleasure craft, and yachts will...

Uzbekistan Makes Unusual Offer to Coax Tourists

If you get COVID-19 while visiting, the country will pay you $3K

(Newser) - The government of Uzbekistan is so sure of the hygiene and safety measures it's put in place to protect tourists against getting COVID-19 that "the president is prepared to put money where his mouth is." That's per a statement from the country's tourism ambassador to...

Harry, Back in UK, Doesn't Want to Be Called 'Prince'

Just Harry, he requests at working summit for his sustainable travel initiative

(Newser) - Just Harry, please: On his first trip back to the UK since he and wife Meghan agreed to the terms of their exit as senior royals, that's how Prince Harry asked to be introduced—Harry, minus the "prince." As Good Morning America reports, he also flew commercial...

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