URLs Gone Hilariously Wrong

The funniest web addresses
By Jane Yager,  Newser Staff
Posted May 31, 2010 1:15 PM CDT
URLs Gone Hilariously Wrong
It's www.penisland.net. Yep, that's right.   (www.penisland.net)

Choosing a web address can be a perilous task—especially if your company is named Pen Island. Before choosing a URL, think carefully about where other people might mentally insert spaces in a multiple-word name written without any, the Daily Telegraph reports. Here's a sampling of the funniest double entendres to arise from poorly chosen URLs:

  • www.ilovebigals.com: "I love Big Al's," a bowling alley in Vancouver, looks a lot like "I love bi gals".
  • www.speedofart.com: Design collective Speed of Art, or a swimmer with a flatulence problem
  • www.penisland.net: Pen Island, the place for pens, or land of...
  • www.expertsexchange.com: Experts Exchange, the place to get advice, or change from male to female?
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