Toxic Oil Dispersant Rain Could Devastate Coast

Russian scientists project evaporating dispersant collecting in clouds
Toxic Oil Spill Dispersant Rain Could Devastate

Russian scientists briefing Russian President Dmitry Medvedev are warning that the dispersant used by BP to break up the oil spill in the Gulf could cause a far greater catastrophe than the oil itself. They envision apocalyptic destruction caused by the dispersant "phase shifting" from liquid to gas, then being absorbed into clouds and released as toxic rain all over the Eastern coast. They note that corexit, which BP has been using despite an EPA ruling against it, is one of the most toxic dispersants ever created.

According to these scientists this toxic rain could "theoretically" kill all microbial life at any depth it reaches, collapsing the environment from the bottom up. The devastation of a hurricane with these chemicals dispersed in it would multiply the effects and hazards. Read the full article in the European Union Times.
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