Why Talking on the Phone Stinks

The pleasantries, the epic goodbyes make conversation totally lame
By Kate Seamons,  Newser Staff
Posted Feb 27, 2010 5:11 AM CST
Why Talking on the Phone Stinks
The epic goodbye...such a waster of minutes.   (?heliosphan)

Though you'll have to pry the smartphone out of most Americans' cold, dead hands, there are plenty of reasons why those gadgets are good: They allow you to communicate in so many ways other than talking. The Oatmeal illustrates (literally) 10 good reasons why talking on the phone sucks:

  1. All those pleasantries: By the time you get to the reason you called, you've wasted 7 minutes on "how-are-you-how-are-the-kids-that's-great-blah-blah."
  2. The on-the-spotness: "Can you watch my dog for three weeks?" Awkward silence, awkward silence, "Ummm, OK..."

  1. The deafening silence: Needs no explanation.
  2. The distractions: You're pouring your heart out; your phone buddy is Facebooking while watching TV and cooking dinner.
  3. The dramatic goodbyes: Have a good night / Thanks, you, too / Oh, I will. Talk to you soon / I'll talk to you soon! / Most definitely! Be well...
For the complete list, including a body language explanation that is truly best expressed as a comic, click here.
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