Top 5 Billy Mays Infomercial Wares

By C. Raymond Hidalgo,  Newser User
Posted Jun 29, 2009 6:00 PM CDT

Many of the As Seen on TV goods hawked by the late Billy Mays were reviewed in the pages of Popular Mechanics; Harry Sawyers runs down the bellowing talent's top five infomercial products.

  1. Hercules Hook: A heavy painting and a sack of books were no match for a hollow-wall anchor that Mays touted as "super strong."
  2. Mighty Putty: Despite its innocent appearance as a two-part plumber’s epoxy, Mighty Putty managed to pull an 80,000-pound trailer, as demonstrated by Billy. 

  1. Zorbeez: This towel inspired a monumental pitchman battle between Billy—who rapped a memorable snub—and ShamWow frontman Vince Offer. But when it came to mopping up spilled beer, PM gave ShamWow the edge. 
  2. Awesome Auger: Awesome? Not really, and it's not a true auger, says Sawyer, who puts it on the list all the same.
  3. Liquid Diamond: ShamWow strikes again! Using “Wax and Wash” soap and ShamWow proved superior to Liquid Diamond.
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