Podcaster Pulled Off a Remarkable 'Deception'

'New York' reveals how he managed at least 5 relationships simultaneously
By John Johnson,  Newser Staff
Posted Mar 30, 2024 7:00 AM CDT
Podcaster Huberman's Remarkable 'Deception'
Andrew Huberman, in a screenshot.   (YouTube)

Andrew Huberman is a Stanford neuroscientist whose "Huberman Lab" is one of the most popular podcasts around. In a profile for New York magazine, Kerry Howley writes that she became a devotee, making sure to get sunshine in the morning and practicing her "physiological sighs" to ease stress (it's explained), just as he suggests. The profile, though, puts some dents in the Huberman armor. For one thing, the Stanford "lab" Huberman speaks of frequently is these days more of a lab in name only, and Howley suggests that the green health powder Huberman hawks (along with Joe Rogan) is a little iffy. But the real focus of the story is how the unmarried Huberman managed to be in relationships with at least five women simultaneously, across the US, while keeping the women in the dark about his nonexclusivity.

"The scheduling alone!" one of the women tells Howley. "I can barely schedule three Zooms in a day!" The five have since gotten together and figured out how Huberman pulled it off. Consider this paragraph from the piece:

  • "There was a day in Texas when, after Sarah left his hotel, Andrew slept with Mary and texted Eve. They found days in which he would text nearly identical pictures of himself to two of them at the same time. They realized that the day before he had moved in with Sarah in Berkeley, he had slept with Mary, and he had also been with her in December 2023, the weekend before Sarah caught him on the couch with a sixth woman."
It's dizzying, and despite the Zoom joke, not lighthearted (an STD surfaces, among other things). A rep for Huberman took issue with some of the details (including the STD) but didn't dispute that he maintained the concurrent relationships. Does his personal life matter? In the full story, Howley explores this, along with how, for these women, "deception leads to harm." (More Longform stories.)

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