'Let's Go Brandon' Reference on Car May Not Fly After All

NASCAR has not yet approved Brandon Brown's 'LGBCoin' logo
By John Johnson,  Newser Staff
Posted Dec 30, 2021 2:25 PM CST
Updated Jan 1, 2022 9:45 AM CST

Update: NASCAR driver Brandon Brown—he of the "Let's Go Brandon" slogan—may have jumped the gun in promoting a new paint scheme on his car. Earlier in the week, Brown revealed that his car would feature a logo for "LGBCoin" as part of his new partnership with a cryptocurrency company. However, USA Today reports that NASCAR is, in fact, still reviewing the plan and has not signed off on it. NASCAR previously distanced itself from the "Let's Go Brandon" slogan, given that it's a stand-in for a now-infamous anti-Biden chant. Our original story from Dec. 30 follows:

Brandon Brown, the NASCAR driver who inadvertently became a political meme as the Brandon of "Let's Go Brandon," is now leaning in to his newfound fame. TMZ reports that he'll be riding in a car emblazoned with the letters LGB, short for the famous phrase that has become an entrenched anti-Biden slogan. The letters are actually part of a logo that will promote LGBCoin, a new cryptocurrency aiming to take advantage of the political hoopla, per Yahoo Sports.

Brown is expected to debut the car in February, and the sponsorship is expected to last a full racing season, reports Fox Business. The phrase first went viral when an NBC reporter incorrectly said on the air that fans were chanting "Let's Go Brandon" when, in fact, they were chanting, "F--- Joe Biden." Brown himself has said he isn't much of a political person, but he also said recently that he would start speaking out more on certain issues. "And by taking his sponsorship, he's clearly choosing to capitalize on the slogan before it fades away," writes Nick Bromberg of Yahoo. (Read more about Brown's recent interview on his accidental fame.)

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