Elon Musk Tanks Dogecoin, Self-Owns on SNL

Some jokes have real-life consequences
By Josh Gardner,  Newser Staff
Posted May 9, 2021 7:00 AM CDT

Eccentric tech billionaire Elon Musk hosted the May 8 Saturday Night Live, when he kicked things off with a monologue alongside his mom, revealed some personal info for the first time, managed to tank an entire crypto-currency, and squeeze in some self-owns in the show's first episode to ever be (as Axios notes) broadcast at once to over 100 countries in full. Here are key takeaways:

  • Personal reveal: In his monologue, Musk poked fun at his own monotonal speaking style, saying no one can tell when he's joking, per the AP. He went on to reveal for the first time that he's been diagnosed with Asperger's, putting him on the autism spectrum.
  • Not so fast: Musk claimed to be the first person with Asperger's to host SNL, but many pointed out that Dan Akroyd, who last hosted in 2003, was actually the first.
  • Mother's Day: Musk's mom, model Maye Musk, quipped that she hoped her Mother's Day gift wasn't Dogecoin, to which Musk responded, "It is."

  • Dogecoin: In another reference to the cryptocurrency his tweets made leap in price, Musk praised Dogecoin on Weekend Update before cracking, "It's a hustle."
  • Prices plunge: Per Reuters, Dogecoin's value dipped by 28 percent following Musk's appearance.
  • Son's name: Musk referenced his son, "X Æ A-12" with singer Grimes, in his monologue, saying it's pronounced "cat running across the keyboard."
  • In character: In various sketches, viewers got to see Musk play Super Mario enemy Wario, a doctor at a Gen Z hospital, the producer of an Icelandic TV show, a cowboy, among others, per CNET.
  • Reviews: While praising his monologue, New York Post called the episode "mediocre" all-in-all; the LA Times dug in deeper, calling it a "gimmicky ratings grab;" and the kindest the Hollywood Reporter could muster was "more forgettable than controversial."
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