John Wayne Bobbitt Has Another 2 Amputations

Bobbitt's right foot is now short a couple of toes
By Neal Colgrass,  Newser Staff
Posted Dec 20, 2020 12:14 PM CST
John Wayne Bobbitt Has Another 2 Amputations
John Wayne Bobbitt.   (YouTube/ABC News)

John Wayne Bobbitt says he has undergone two more amputations, but ex-wife Lorena wasn't involved this time. Nearly 30 years after she sliced off his penis while he slept, Bobbitt had two toes amputated on his right foot amid a gruesome series of health woes. Bobbitt tells TMZ his right foot's big toe was amputated in 2019 after a callous grew and the bone became infected. Then, last weekend, the neighboring toe was amputated at a Las Vegas hospital; it became fractured because the lack of a big toe made him exert too much pressure on biggie's neighbor, making it shift and break.

Adding to all this, his left foot was in a cast after he stepped on a nail during a 2013 construction job. He told TMZ in October the foot had become infected with osteomyelitis, which is treatable but often requires surgery to remove dead bone. At the time doctors told Bobbitt the foot might have to be amputated. Now he's out of the hospital with a bandaged right foot, special shoes for walking, and a knee scooter to travel from A to B. John also says he has neuropathy, which could prevent him from feeling a fractured toe until it's too late. No confirmations on any of this as of yet. In TMZ's words, "We don't believe in curses, but ... damn." (See Lorena Bobbitt's side of the story.)

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