Why Consumers in India Will Love This Washing Machine

Panasonic washer has a 'curry' button, 'daily sari' setting
By Jenn Gidman,  Newser Staff
Posted Mar 10, 2017 7:41 PM CST
In India, New Washing Machine Features 'Curry' Button
Get out that curry in a hurry.   (Asahi.com)

Consumers in India may have to pay a little more for a just-debuted Panasonic washing machine, but those desperate to get a certain type of stain out may find the appliance worth the extra outlay. In what Gizmodo UK calls the "corporate holy grail" of customer-tailored service, the electronics manufacturer has come out with a clothes-cleaner that has a setting specifically for washing out curry stains, the BBC reports. The StainMaster's "curry" button, designed after customers pleaded for a way to wash clean from clothing all signs of the popular dish, was developed after two years of research into what the best combo of water temperature and time was for such a task. The machine runs $330 or so, or about 10% more than similar units without the curry-scrubbing capability.

Other cycles on the India-targeted StainMaster include ones for "sauces," "sweat," and "oil" (the BBC notes that's for hair oil), as well as a setting to wash one's "daily sari." The Independent notes the product launch is a way for Panasonic to make more of a push into the Indian market, where currently only 10% of homes are said to have a washing machine. The company hints it may also be working on stain-fighting washers based on other Asian countries' specific needs. The Telegraph points out Indian-food lovers around the globe are also clamoring for such an appliance. "Why only for the Indian market? I want one of these!" writes one Twitter user. (Definitely beats a washing machine that reportedly can break a person's jaw.)

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