Polish Army Swoops In on Nazi 'Gold Train' Site

Explosives, radiation experts assessing site to rule out possible dangers
By Jenn Gidman,  Newser Staff
Posted Sep 29, 2015 12:19 PM CDT
Polish Army Swoops In on Nazi 'Gold Train' Site
Polish military experts arrive Monday at a spot in southwestern Poland where a Nazi train missing since World War II could be located in Walbrzych.   (AP Photo/Natalia Dobryszycka)

The world has been hearing about the Nazi gold train for weeks, and we may finally be getting closer to a confirmation or denial. The Polish army has converged upon the southwestern Poland site where the train could be located, with explosives, chemical, and radiation experts making sure there's no danger, especially since the train was rumored to have been booby-trapped, the AP reports. "Our goal is to check whether there's any hazardous material," a Polish colonel leading the search tells AFP. The military personnel are using ground-penetrating radar and mine detectors in their probe near Walbrzych, and the governor of the region notes that "other decisions" about the search for the train will be made after the site passes its safety check.

The colonel says the search will last six days or so, with soldiers digging a little over 3 feet below the surface, per the Daily Mail—not nearly deep enough, say the men who claim to have found the train. "[That's] pointless," Piotr Koper told reporters, per the Mail. "The train is about [26 feet] down. They will not find anything." He adds that he and partner Andreas Richter—who want 10% of whatever's on the train if it's found—have figured out a way to get the train out. "We have spent much time examining the logistical problems. … We should be allowed to do this." They may be miffed at being left out of the loop, but the city of Walbrzych is reaping the benefits of what NBC News calls a "tourism gold rush," with restaurants, cab drivers, and tour operators reporting a boom. "Loch Ness is famous for a monster never found. This is like our Loch Ness monster," a local historian tells NBC. (Local authorities are nervous treasure-hunters may get run down by actual working trains.)

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