How Millennials Are Going to Improve the Workplace

They won't tolerate our work-too-much lifestyles, writes Emily Matchar
By John Johnson,  Newser Staff
Posted Aug 17, 2012 5:09 PM CDT
How Millennials Are Going to Improve the Workplace
Office life is probably going to improve in the coming years, thanks to millennials.   (Shutterstock)

Gen Y millennials have begun arriving in force in the workplace, and given their reputation as self-centered, spoiled brats, this can only be a bad thing, right? Exactly the opposite, writes Emily Matchar in the Washington Post, who at 30 thinks of herself as an "older sister" to millennials. These younger workers are not going to adapt to the workplace as we know it. "Instead, through their sense of entitlement and inflated self-esteem, they’ll make the modern workplace adapt to them," writes Matchar. "And we should thank them for it," because everybody is going to benefit.

Go ahead and roll your eyes at them, but it's the rest of us who are the suckers, content to put in too-long hours without complaint and to sacrifice much of our personal lives for the office. Gen Y ain't having it. And considering that they'll make up 75% of the workforce come 2025, business-as-usual is about to change fast. "If we’re smart, we’ll cheer them on," writes Matchar. "Be selfish, Gen Y! Be entitled! Demand what you want. Because we want it, too." Read her full piece here. (More millennials stories.)

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