Dear Pious Press: Weiner Isn't 'Sick,' He's Just Human

What he did is natural, and he's right not to resign: Dan Savage
By John Johnson,  Newser Staff
Posted Jun 7, 2011 12:38 PM CDT
Dear Pious Press: Weiner Isn't 'Sick,' He's Just Human
Rep. Anthony Weiner leaves his press conference.   (Getty Images)

Not everyone is castigating Anthony Weiner: Sex columnist (and America's ethicist?) Dan Savage thinks Weiner is right not to resign over this mess. What's the great sin here? "Weiner was horny and went online," blogs Savage at the Stranger. "He created his own porn, his own interactive porn, like millions of other Americans have done, and continue to do, every damn day. And the Internet provided Weiner with the same thing it provides for tens of millions of other men in monogamous relationships: needed release, safe variety."

Note how reporters kept asking whether he would seek professional help. "This desire to pathologize behavior that isn't sick—that is, indeed, very common and human and completely and instantly understandable—is itself pathological," writes Savage. He praises the congressman for not using the easy I-have-a-problem-and-I'll-get-help line. "Weiner does not have a problem. He has a computer. The whole world has Weiner's problem: same old horniness, brand new box." Still no word whether Weiner's wife will be as forgiving. (More Anthony Weiner stories.)

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