Glee Pics Pathetic, Not Pedophilic

The girls look blank-eyed and childish - is that sexy?
By Emily Rauhala,  Newser Staff
Posted Oct 22, 2010 6:18 AM CDT
Glee Pics Pathetic, Not Pedodphilic
Subtle.   (AP Photo/GQ, Terry Richardson)

The parents group that blasted the Glee GQ cover shoot missed the point: The provocative pictorial isn't pedophilic ... it's "depressing" and "disheartening," writes Linda Holmes for NPR. Lea Michele and Dianna Argon are adult woman, and they don't magically morph into children, even if they play high school students on TV—so this is not child porn. Still, Holmes says, is "particularly and specifically poor taste." Both actresses play smart, sexy young women, so what's with the ankle socks, blank stares, and lollipops?

Lollipops, Holmes explains, are a hallmark of toddlers, not teens. The sexy factor turns on the fact that Michele and Argon look "enthusiastic, weak and pliable." The pictures, Holmes notes, say, "Sure, these girls are sexy, but you know what would be really sexy? If they were dumber. If they were weaker. If they were more desperate." (Click here to read why Argon apologized for the pictures.)

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