7 Things You Should Really Stop Taking Photos Of

Boring vacation scenery pictures, for one
By Kate Seamons,  Newser Staff
Posted Oct 16, 2010 4:45 PM CDT
7 Things You Should Really Stop Taking Photos Of
Sure, Mount St. Helens is beautiful ... but also BORING!   (Flickr)

Listen up: 11-photo-long spreads of the French toast you made for breakfast are boring. Are you trying to shove your cooking skills in our face, or are you really concerned about, 30 years from now, forgetting every meal you ate? The Oatmeal unleashes its graphic wisdom on six other subjects you need to ban from your photos, stat:

  • Bar photos: Really, what message do you want us to get from these—that your mango-tini-filled lives are "craaaazy and exotic" or that your evening is so booze-filled it probably ended up with someone vomiting?

  • Nature: Waterfalls and mountains may be breathtaking for you in the moment, but they're worthless for all of us afterward.
  • Concerts: First of all, the stage ends up looking like a "blurry s***-smear of rainbow sherbet." Second, instead it reminds us that instead of actually enjoying the show, you "spent half the night sticking [your] crappy camera phone in the air trying to immortalize the moment."
Click here for the rest of the list; Demi Moore may want to take note of No. 7.
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